Blender UI

Tutorial: First Steps

To start working with the addon first you need to create a new game project. To do so go to File -> Project -> New Game Project. A file browser window will appear, select the distination folder and make sure to give a name to the project.


A new project working directory will be created with the name of the project. You will be able to open the working directory from inside blender going at File -> Project -> Explore Project Directory. Inside your project directory you will find a blend file named “main.blend”, this is the main file of your game, and will be automatically opened.

This .blend file is already configured, so all you need to do to start the game engine is press P.


You can naviagte inside the game using the same controls as in the Blender Viewport, that is [Ctrl/Shift] + Middle Mouse + Movement and Scroll to zoom in/out. This behavior is enabled by default thanks to a component called View3D. We can manage components from the Logic Editor in UPBGE. If you select the camera you will find such compenent on the left panel.


Finally we can add some custom 2D Filters to our scene. For that, we switch to the 3D View Full screen layout or open the Properties -> Render Layers -> Custom 2D Filters panel. On this example we are using the default settings for Vignette and ChromaticAberration filters.