Welcome to the UPBGE’s Community Addon docs!

The Community Addon is a framework for UPBGE. It adds features and fixes bugs that are yet to be patched in UPBGE, and it provides a new and easy to use hight level Python API.

The Community Addon for UPBGE can be downloaded or cloned from GitHub here.

For your convenience we have divided the documentation in two blocks: Blender UI, wich are elements that requiere no coding knowloadge, and Python API, wich is a new API that you can use to further customize behaviour.


This addon requieres an UPBGE, you can download its latest builds at: https://download.upbge.org/.

To install the addon open UPBGE and go to File -> User Preferences -> Add-ons, then click at the Install from File... button at the bottom of the window and select the addon file “CommunityAddon.zip”.


After that the addon will be added to the list, mark the checkbox to enable it. Remember that for this installation to be persistent you need to click the Save User Settings button.

Click next to get to a step by step tutorial.